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Big 500 Roulette

Big 500 Roulette

  • A unique FOBT roulette game with a jackpot of £500 from a £1 stake
  • This bonus roulette game can be played in both William Hill or Betfred

Big 500 Roulette is the latest fixed odds betting terminal roulette game from Inspired Gaming. Hosted on the roulette machines in William Hill and Betfred, Big 500 Roulette has a minimum stake per spin of £1, up to a maximum of either £50 or £99 depending on your playing settings. The reason the maximum is £99 and not the usual £100 is due to a £1 Big 500 Roulette bonus been awarded onto the bonus bet position on the roulette wheel with stakes of £50.10 and above.

The roulette wheel and playing table is almost identical to standard roulette games, with numbers from zero to 36 in the same positions as European roulette, however Big 500 Roulette makes use of the latest large screen FOBT’s to display a bright, large and smoothly animated game. The minimum chip values are 10p, and as the minimum cost per spin is only £1, you can have a low cost game of bookies roulette on a small budget.

Big 500 Roulette Betting

Place your chips on the betting table by either touching the appropriate number, corner, split or street; or you can now swipe your finger across the screen for the chips to fall into place. The swiping action allows for a maximum of £10 per swipe. Additionally you can use the neighbours betting table to cover larger sections of the Big 500 Roulette wheel, and surround your favourite number. The Big 500 Roulette slot is inactive when you have the neighbours screen open, and the style of displaying the chips is different, with just the number you are selecting as showing a bet. When you return to the main table you will see your neighbours bets covered.
To further help with your betting, similar options are available that you may recognise from 100/1 Roulette.

  • Scatter Bet: This randomly scatters £5 around your chosen number.
  • Lucky Dip: £10 worth of chips will be randomly placed anywhere on the table.
  • All In: The same as Lucky Dip, but uses all of your remaining balance from 10p up to £10.
  • Big 500 Bet: This is a fun one, the Big 500 bet will place £10 worth of chips in the shape of ‘500’ on the roulette table.
  • Perfect Bet: Using a maximum of £1, this bet will place a chip on the corners, splits and straight-up on the selected number. You can press it multiple times up to the maximum amount permissible.
  • Double Up: Doubles your previous bet providing it hasn’t exceeded any limits.
  • Add Again: Used in conjunction with the above bet to ‘add it again’.
  • Last 10: This places £1 chips on the last ten unique numbers, including the Big 500 Roulette bet.
  • Double Up Neighbours Bet: This bet does as the name suggests, up to a maximum of £10.

Big 500 Roulette Bonus Game

Initiated by landing on the Big 500 Roulette position on the main roulette wheel, a minimum of £1 must be on the position for the game to become active, up to a maximum of £5.
When the game screen changes, you will be presented with a number of betting positions which represent a win or a lose. To begin, you must select your token value via the smart deck and spread 500 tokens across the different betting positions. You may spread your tokens across any number of available betting positions, and you must use all of your available tokens with every bet.
Once you have placed all of your tokens, press start to find the winning positions. Any tokens placed on the winning area will be carried over to the next level, with all other tokens lost. You must then repeat the process, which is very similar to the TV show The Million Pound Drop, but without the questions. The main objective of the Big 500 Roulette bonus game is to carry as many tokens across to the final level as possible.

The number of winning token positions is dependent on how much was originally placed on the Big 500 Roulette bonus position on the main roulette wheel, with increasing stakes improving your odds.
A bonus token is awarded at the completion of each level to help you progress and win more from the feature. The feature game ends once you have reached the final level, or you have exhausted all of your chips. Any remaining tokens are exchanged for cash at £1 each, for a very difficult maximum win of £500.

As stated earlier, the larger your bet on the main roulette wheel bonus slot, the better your odds in the Big 500 Roulette bonus game.

  • £1 Stake: One winning position in the top level out of four (25% chance of guessing correctly). One on the middle level out of two, and one on the final level out of two, with five bonus tokens.
  • £2 Stake: Two winning positions on the top level out of four (50% chance of guessing correctly), one on the middle out of two, and one on the third out of two, with ten bonus tokens.
  • £3 Stake: Three winning positions out of four (75% chance of guessing correctly). One on the middle, and one on the third level, both out of two with fifteen bonus tokens.
  • £4 Stake: Two winning positions on the top level, with only one more level with a one in two chance and twenty bonus tokens.
  • £5 Stake: Two winning positions on the top level out of only three, with just one more level with a 50/50 chance and fifteen bonus tokens.
  • £6 Stake: Three winning positions on the top level out of four, and one position out of two on the final level and thirty bonus tokens.

The bonus game is very unique, with different odds and levels as your stake increases. The best playing method for the bonus is to push for the maximum by placing all of your tokens onto single selections.

Big 500 Roulette is available to play in William Hill betting shops and has been developed by Inspired Gaming.

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