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Bill and Ted Roulette

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Bill and Ted Roulette

  • The latest FOBT roulette game in William Hill
  • An American layout roulette wheel with bonus position
  • Minimum £1 bet can still pay the £500 jackpot

Bill and Ted Bookies Roulette

The latest bookies FOBT roulette game; Bill and Ted Roulette brings the classic film to a bookies roulette style game in William Hill, with a slightly different layout to the more traditional roulette games. Bill and Ted Roulette uses an American laid out roulette wheel with the zero nestled between the numbers 2 and 28, and directly opposite, the Bill and Ted Roulette bonus position is housed between the numbers 1 and 27.

Aside from the bonus game, there are several ways in which you can bet in addition to the regular splits, corners, streets etc.

  • B + T: Pressing the B+T button will place a minimum of £3.20 in the shape of a B and a T onto the roulette table, with an additional £1 chip placed on the bonus.
  • 69 Bet: As above but this time in the shape of the numbers 6 and 9, again with a £1 bet placed on the bonus. The minimum bet value with this bet is £3, up to a maximum of £99.
  • Wyld Stallions: This bet will place chips in the shape of a W and an S onto the betting table, with a £1 chip on the bonus. This bet has a minimum stake of £3.20 up to a maximum of £99.60.
  • Bill Bet: The Bill and Ted bets are very prominent on the roulette table but are actually very basic. The Bill bet will place 12 chips in a wave like pattern along the betting table, with a minimum stake of £1.20.
  • Ted Bet: The Ted bet is as above but uses a different wave pattern to place 11 chips along the table. This bet costs a minimum of £1.10.


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Bill and Ted Roulette Bonus Game

Most bookies roulette players will be playing the Bill and Ted Roulette game for a chance at the bonus, and like the majority of FOBT bonus roulettes, this is not worth playing unless you place a chip on the bonus. If you ignore the bonus, you will get better odds playing 20p Roulette.
The bonus on Bill and Ted Roulette allows for chips in increments of £1, up to a maximum of £5. When the ball stops on the bonus, providing there’s a bet placed on it, the Bill and Ted Roulette bonus game begins. Two wheels rotate, the inner wheel has a series of characters from the movie, the outer will has a series of multipliers values ranging from X1 up to X12.5. Each character has a fixed value, the lowest of which is £8, the two highest; Bill and Ted are both £40, the phone box awards a mystery value. The wheel with the characters stops first, then the multiplier wheel stops to show the amount awarded, then ending the bonus round.
You only get one spin on the bonus game no matter the stake placed, however the higher the stake, the higher the multiplier values:

  • £1 stake: x1, x1.5, x2, x12.5. Minimum win £8.
  • £2 stake: x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7.5, x12.5. Minimum win £16.
  • £3 stake: x3, x4, x6, x7, x7.5, x12.5. Minimum win £24.
  • £4 stake: x4, x5, x6, x8, x10, x12.5. Minimum win £32.
  • £5 stake: x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x12.5. Minimum win £40.

As you can see, it is possible to hit the £500 jackpot with a £1 stake, although very unlikely. The lowest you could win is £8, which is very low for a bonus that can cost a lot just to be awarded in the first place.

Bill and Ted Roulette goes hand in hand with William Hills new Bill and Ted slot machine, although both play very poorly when compared to many other slots and bonus roulette games. Like many others before it, Bill and Ted Roulette is likely to fade into the back menu pages of the fixed odds betting terminals within a short amount of time.

Currently there is no online version of this bookies roulette game.

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