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Bonus King Roulette

Bonus King Roulette

  • The highest paying bookies odds of any bookies roulette game 
  • Play standard FOBT roulette with the chance to win the progressive cashpot

Bonus King Roulette is an exclusive bookies roulette terminal game for Betfred, and can be found only on Betfred betting terminals under the ‘roulette’ tab. Bonus King Roulette features a standard roulette game, with an additional bonus progressive pot feature, similar in style to Key Bet Roulette whereby the progressive cashpot builds up in small increments until it is won.

Minimum bets are only 5p, with a £1 minimum per spin. The more you bet, the better your chances of winning the Bonus King Roulette progressive cashpot. The maximum bet per spin of the roulette wheel is £50 or £100 depending on your preferences, with a maximum win per spin of the usual £500. Bonus King Roulette has 37 potential outcomes, and is a random game, so the roulette wheel behaves like Original Roulette, with no extra positions for the progressive bonus. This means that the odds are better than other bonus roulette and traditional roulette games, and has an RTP of 97.49%, compared to the standard 97.3% for regular bookies roulette.

Bonus King Roulette

You can place your chips in the usual way you would expect from a roulette terminal game, with splits, corners and outside bets all available, and all paying standard bookies roulette odds. The main reason for playing Bonus King Roulette is for the bonus, which is determined by a slot machine style bonus game that plays alongside the main roulette spin. The maximum value of the progressive pot is limited to £200, and increases incrementally with each bet up until this point, or until it is won, whichever comes first.
When you are happy with all of your table bets, press the spin button for the game to start. As the roulette ball is rotating, the slot machine with seven reels will spin. Complete the word ‘BETFRED’ to win the progressive pot. The pot is paid in addition to any roulette wins, and is a free side bet. You can win the cashpot without winning on the roulette wheel. The larger your bet the higher the odds of winning the progressive pot. A £20 roulette table bet with lock in several of the BETFRED letters, thereby increasing your chances of hitting the remaining letters.
The fact that there are no additional betting positions on the roulette wheel means that the Bonus King Roulette pot is entirely free, which explains the improved RTP and makes the game more profitable in the long term than standard bookies roulette games.

Additional to winning the cashpot, Bonus King Roulette also has a bonus gamble option at the conclusion of any winning spin with two or more BETFRED letters lit up. You can either collect your winnings, or choose between one of the two bonus gamble games on offer.

Find the Fred: Choose from a selection of hidden cards to multiple your winnings. You can set your odds from 1/1, 2/1 or 4/1, the number of available cards will then change accordingly. Find the Fred to win the gamble, and increase your winnings by the odds you selected. An incorrect gamble will end the game, a correct gamble will allow you to carry on for another gamble, or collect your winnings and return to the main game.

Hi Lo: This self-explanatory bonus game involves high low gambling along a row of cards. A correct guess will increase your winnings, an incorrect guess will end the game. You can collect at any time after a successful gamble.

The maximum you can gamble per game is £250, any roulette win above this amount will not allow entry to the bonus gamble features. The odds on both of the gamble games are true odds, and return 100% in long term gameplay.

Bonus King Roulette is available exclusively in Betfred betting shops and has the highest fixed RTP of any bookies roulette game.

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