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Extra Bet Roulette

Extra Bet Roulette

  • Very similar to Key Bet Roulette in Coral and Ladbrokes. 
  • Place a chip on the bonus to win the pot or up to x70 your stake
  • It’s possible to win the progressive pot without betting on the bonus position

Following in a long line of bonus roulette games, Extra Bet Roulette is Betfred’s and William Hill’s answer to the incredibly popular Key Bet Roulette. Using 37 standard roulette numbers, plus a bonus Extra Bet position opposite the zero, Extra Bet Roulette allows for standard roulette betting, plus the chance of hitting odds of up to 70/1, plus a progressive cashpot that increases in increments with every spin of the wheel.
Placing your bets is simple and follows standard bookies roulette rules. The minimum bet per spin is £1, this can be broken up to allow for straight-up numbers as low as 5p, plus the usual splits, corners and outside bets. The maximum bet per game is £50 or £100, with a maximum win per spin of no more than £500. A straight-up number allows for bets up to no more than £13.85, however this may be lower if an outside bet is also placed.

Extra Bet Roulette

As with most bonus roulette games, you should only play Extra Bet Roulette if you are playing for the bonus, otherwise stick to regular roulette games where the odds may be slightly better.
A minim bet of £1 can be placed on the Extra Bet Roulette position, this can be in addition to any roulette table bets, or a standalone bet for £1 per spin. Once the ‘bet’ button has been pressed, the Extra Bet Roulette wheel will spin prior to the main roulette wheel. The bonus wheel has 12 potential outcomes, and will come to a stop randomly on any of the 12. Those odds or cashpot prize will then be paid should the main roulette wheel then proceed to land on the Extra Bet Roulette position.
To win the odds displayed, you need to place a minimum of £1 on the Extra Bet position. The cashpot may be paid without any bets been placed on the bonus position via a bonus chance, so there is an opportunity to win the cashpot without placing a bet on the bonus Extra Bet slot.

The main roulette wheel pays standard bookies roulette odds, the Extra Bet bonus can pay up to 70/1. The maximum bet on the bonus position is therefore lower than the £13.85 maximum straight-up limit on the main game, due to the maximum prize per spin capped at £500. The progressive cashpot can pay a maximum of £350, and increases in increments with every bet placed. The larger the bet, the larger the incremental amount added to the pot value. Any additions to the progressive pot beyond £350 are added to the hidden reserve pot which is displayed once the main pot has been won.

The long term RTP of Extra Bet Roulette is 96.39% if played to the best possible strategy. The best strategy involves placing £1 on the bonus position and nothing else, so although rather boring, the long term odds are the highest this way.
If the progressive pot is £210 or above, you may wish to place £1 in 20p chips on five streets of six numbers to return £1.20 per spin, and sit and wait for the pot and bonus chance.

Extra Bet Roulette can be played in William Hill and Betfred bookmakers.


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