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Fireball 500 Roulette

Fireball 500 Roulette

  • The latest FOBT roulette game from SG Gaming
  • Standard bookies roulette odds with bonus feature
  • Bagatelle style game with roulette betting
  • Available on the fixed odds betting terminals

Fireball 500 Roulette

Fireball 500 Roulette is the latest FOBT roulette game to feature in major High Street bookies, with jackpots per spin of up to £500. As is the case with most betting shop bonus roulette games, Fireball 500 Roulette takes the traditional European style roulette game and adds a few additional twists to make it appealing to FOBT players.
Created by SG Gaming under the badge of Barcrest, Fireball 500 Roulette uses a standard roulette betting table with the regular odds being paid that you would expect; 36/1 for straight-up, 18/1 for splits etc. You can also place 50/50 bets on red and black, odd and even and high and low. As it is a bonus roulette game, there is an additional space where you can bet from £1 up to £5 on the Fireball 500 bonus position.
The real twist comes into play once all your bets have been places and you press the ‘bet’ button.

Fireball 500 Roulette Game Play

Pressing bet releases the ball onto a Bagatelle style grid, with the ball bouncing between pins as it gradually works its way down towards the bottom. Unlike traditional Bagatelle Roulette, Fireball 500 Roulette’s numbers rotate incredibly fast for the first few seconds, before gradually slowing down as the ball falls closer to the bottom. All of the numbers at the base of the grid are in the standard FOBT roulette order, so nothing is mixed up. If the ball lands in one of your winning numbers you are paid accordingly, the bonus comes into play prior to the ball reaching the bottom.

Fireball 500 Roulette has two positions half way down the grid of pins. Should the ball fall into either one of these holes, the Fireball 500 bonus game is awarded. You will be given from one to five fireballs depending on your stake on the bonus. These balls fall through the pins the same as before, however at the bottom, instead of roulette numbers there are a series of cash values. Each cash value is paid when the ball lands in it. The lowest award is £10 per ball, the highest is £100, allowing for a maximum win of £500 if £5 was placed on the bonus, or a lowly £50 if you are really unlucky. The cash values are colour coded; greens are the low values, red the high and gold the highest (£100). All of the wins are accumulated and paid at the end of the bonus, at which point you can either repeat your bet or start afresh.

Game designers often run out of ideas when it comes to FOBT roulette games, trying to appeal to new players while still keeping the regulars entertained. Fireball 500 Roulette does a great job of making an entertaining and potentially profitable FOBT roulette game that is great fun for most bookies roulette players. This is far more entertaining than Super X50 Bonus Roulette which offers longer odds yet frequently manages to pay low value features.

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