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Super x50 Bonus Roulette

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Super x50 Bonus Roulette

  • The latest bookies bonus roulette game
  • Choose from three roulette bonuses; Hit the Top, £500 Wheel and Find the Ball
  • Use the Super Bonus Chip which can be placed anywhere on the table for increased chances of a bonus game
  • Available on the fixed odds betting terminals in William Hill and Betfred

Super x50 Bonus Roulette

It looks as though bookies bonus roulette games are heading in the same direction as some slots, combining multiple features into a single game. Rainbow Riches did it with Pick N mix, and now Inspired Gaming have followed suit to create Super x50 Bonus Roulette, which is essentially a compilation of three previous bookies bonus roulette games rolled into one.
Super x50 Bonus Roulette is currently available to play in William Hill and Betfred on their fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s) with stakes from 10p per chip, with a minimum bet per spin of £1, up to £100 per spin or £50 with the settings disabled. As with all bookies roulette games, the maximum win per spin cannot exceed £500, so betting limits reflect this. The maximum bet allowable on Super x50 Bonus Roulette bonus positions is £5 as all of the three bonus roulette features are able to pay x500 times your stake.


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Super x50 Bonus Roulette Game Play

The look and feel of Super x50 Bonus Roulette is very similar to Lucky 8 Roulette, with the same style of animation and almost the same size roulette wheel. Unlike other fixed odds betting terminal roulette games, Super x50 Bonus Roulette has 54 positions available to place bets on. Numbers 0 to 50 are regular numbers colored red and black alternately. The three bonus positions allow for bets up to £5 and are spaced an equal distance apart. Combined with zero, they split the roulette wheel into four quarters.
Super x50 Bonus Roulette pays odds of 50/1 for straight-up numbers and up to 500/1 on the bonuses. The three bonuses are taken from previous bookies roulette games and include £500 Wheel Roulette, Hit the Top Roulette and Find the Ball Roulette. The bonuses awarded correspond to their position on the roulette wheel, however you are able to select your bonus and create a short-cut to it if you use the Super Bonus Chip.
Before I go into detail on the Super Bonus Chip I will explain the three bonus features on offer:

£500 Wheel Roulette

Awarded when the ball lands on the £500 Wheel Roulette bonus position, providing a minimum bet has been placed on that slot. The bonus takes place on a large wheel in the upper screen of the FOBT terminal. The wheel is divided into 24 positions, the values of which change according to the amount staked on the bonus. A £500 prize is available on all stakes, however your odds increase the larger you bet. The wheel will rotate and come to a halt on a cash value, this is then awarded and the feature ends.

For a detailed review on £500 Wheel Roulette click here.

Hit the Top Roulette

Awarded when the ball comes to a stop in the Hit the Top Roulette bonus position. This bonus roulette feature has the feel of a traditional fruit machine from the 90’s, with a flashing light that progresses along a cash ladder. Each position on the cash ladder has a value, this value is determined by the amount staked on the bonus at the start of the game. Reaching the top of the ladder on any stake awards the £500 jackpot, the values in-between are accumulative. You have three shots to progress up each position, with each successful step added to the overall prize total.

For a detailed review of Hit the Top Roulette click here.

Find the Ball Roulette

Although all of the bonus features, and the entire game itself is random, Find the Ball is my least favourite. The bonus takes place on a standard roulette wheel and involves an invisible ball. Once the ball has come to a stop, you must attempt to guess its position from any of the 37 places on the roulette wheel. If you manage to find the ball the very first time you will win £500 no matter what stake was placed at the start of the game, if you fail to find it, the winning values decrease. The amount they decrease by is determined by the value of your original bet, and with each incorrect guess the potential prize shrinks to ever smaller amounts. You have 10 attempts to find the ball, if you fail you are offered a chance at a consolation prize. You have a 50/50 chance of winning the consolation prize, so it is possible to win nothing at all from this feature.

For a detailed review of Find the Ball Roulette click here.

Super x50 Bonus Roulette Super Bonus Chip

The Super Bonus Chip on Super x50 Bonus Roulette offers a potential short-cut to any of the three bonus roulette features. Select the bonus chip then place it on as many or as few numbers on the roulette wheel as you like. The minimum bet is £1, up to a maximum of £5. If the ball lands on a number with the Super Bonus Chip, you are not only awarded a bonus feature, you get to choose which one you would like to play. If you wanted to you could cover the entire table in bonus chips, however my personal favourite way to play the game is to choose 20 numbers with bonus chips and select either the Hit the Top feature of the £500 Wheel bonus.
You can place the bonus chip on any number from zero up to 50, but you can’t do splits, corners etc. The bonus chip can be combined with regular chips to provide a fun game of 50/1 roulette with increased chances of a bonus.

Super x50 Bonus Roulette is a very fun game as it combines three popular FOBT roulette machines into one. This bonus roulette game can be found on both Betfred and William Hill betting terminals.


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