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£500 Wheel Roulette

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£500 Wheel Roulette

  • Land on the bonus slot to spin the cash wheel and win up to £500!
  • A fun and unique bonus with the chance to win £500 from a £1 bet
  • Play the standalone version, or the Super x50 Bonus Roulette version

£500 Wheel Roulette brings traditional bookies roulette gameplay with the addition of an easy to play bonus game, with a jackpot of up to £500 for a single £1 bet during the bonus, and standard bookies roulette odds for all numbers. £500 Wheel Roulette is available in both William Hill and Betfred bookies and can be found on either the main featured games page, or the casino section of the game menu.
When you load up £500 Wheel Roulette you will be greeted with a standard European roulette wheel, with the usual 37 numbers in the standard order. The bonus position is nestled in-between the numbers 5 and 10, directly opposite everyone’s favourite number; zero. Just like the vast majority of bookies roulette games straight-up numbers pay 35/1 plus your winning stake back, with a maximum win per spin of no more than £500. This upper limit means your bets will be capped accordingly to prevent any possible winning outcomes paying above this legal limit.


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£500 Wheel Roulette Bonus

The bonus is where the real action is at. Place a minimum of £1 on the bonus position, up to a maximum of £5 for a chance to enter the £500 Wheel Roulette bonus. Just like the previous hit bonus roulette game Hit the Top Roulette, £500 Wheel Roulette can pay the £500 jackpot with the minimum of £1, with each additional bet increasing your odds during the bonus. The odds of entering the bonus remain constant at 38/1, which is the same as every other number on the roulette wheel.
After you have placed your bets and pressed start, if the ball lands in the bonus position, providing you have at least the minimum stake placed, you will be taken to the bonus round. The bonus is one of the most simple roulette bonuses to date and involves nothing more than a rotating wheel with varying values overlaid in each of the 24 possible positions. The larger your stake, the larger the values on the bonus wheel become, up to a maximum of four £500 jackpot positions, giving total odds of hitting the £500 during the bonus at a very favourable 6/1. The lowest value on the bonus wheel is £25, however there is only one of those. The second highest value is £400, then £375. The image of the wheel shown above is with the maximum £5 stake placed, lower stakes will alter the values accordingly. Press the start button to spin the £500 Wheel Roulette bonus wheel. The wheel will rotate and come to a gradual stop on any one of the values, this win is then credited to your balance and the feature ends.

Aside from the roulette bonus, £500 Wheel Roulette by Inspired Gaming offers a variety of betting options to help you lay your bets, there is also a neighbours betting screen which allows for a simple betting process along your favourite parts of the wheel. The additional betting options are designed to simplify the betting process and do not change the outcome of the final bet, which is 100% random.

£500 Wheel Roulette can be played for a minimum of £1 per game and has chip values as low as 5p during certain times of the day, or more commonly 20p during peak playing times.

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