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Golden Odds Roulette

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Golden Odds Roulette

  • A unique, high odds bookies roulette game
  • Play standard FOBT roulette with side odds of up to x100
  • Adjust the odds to create a playing style that suits you

Golden Odds Roulette is the latest multi-odds roulette game for Ladbrokes and Coral Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT’s), allowing you to choose your odds. Golden Odds Roulette can pay odds from 10/1 up to 100/1, with various settings allowing you to choose the style of roulette game you prefer.
Insert your notes or coins, or credit the machine over the counter to take off the £50 limit, then load up the roulette game to be greeted with the various betting options. You can choose your odds from Classic Roulette, to High, up to Ultimate. The default setting is Classic Roulette, which pays standard bookies roulette odds. You can only change the odds when there are no chips on the table, so if you wish to change the odds be sure to press the ‘clear all’ button first.

Golden Odds Roulette pays 35/1 for the Classic game on all numbers. The High setting has odds up to 50/1, and the Ultimate setting changes the odds from between 10/1 up to 100/1. As some of the odds increase, others will need to decrease to retain the balance, so overall, in the long run Golden Odds Roulette will still pay at 35/1.


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Golden Odds Roulette Game

The Golden Odds Roulette wheel is a standard European roulette game, with numbers from 0 up to 36. The displayed odds are highlighted on the outside of the roulette wheel; each time you press the change odds button the outside odds will change, so you can choose what you think will be the most favourable odds to you.
The Golden Odds Roulette chips range from 10p, up to £1. The minimum bet on a single number is 10p, outside bets are £1. The minimum spin per game is currently £1, with a maximum win per game of £500, any bets that would allow you to breach this limit will not be accepted, and a notice will display accordingly. All standard roulette betting options are available, so you may bet on corners, splits etc. as you would on Original Roulette and similar bookies games. When you are happy with your bets, press spin to start the game. Unlike other FOBT roulette games, Golden Odds will draw two random numbers at the moment the spin button is pressed. The first random number will be for the standard roulette game, the second will be for the odds. These random numbers are displayed as an animation, with the ball stopping in one of the numbers. The wheel will continue to rotate for a few seconds longer, stopping on the final odds for that game. Any winning outcome is then paid according to those odds.

To help you with placing your chips, Golden Odds Roulette has several betting options that may be used during any game.

  • Lucky Number: Select a number on the roulette table, which is then covered with a 20p chip. 10p chips are placed on all numbers surrounding your lucky number for a £1 bet.
  • Ten Again: Each of the ten numbers from the games immediate history will be covered with a 20p chips for a total bet of £2.
  • Hot Shot: Each of the last five numbers from the Hot Numbers history panel will be covered in chips, ranging in value from £1 down to 20p for the coolest of the hot numbers. This bet will cost £3.
  • Play it Cool: Each of the five numbers in the cool numbers list will be covered in chips for a £3 bet, using the same rules as the Hot Shot bet mentioned above.
  • Scatter: Select a number and chips are scattered randomly on and around it for a £5 bet.
  • Lucky Dip: Let the game decide! Chips are scattered randomly around the table for a bet of £10, or as close as possible if your balance is less than that amount.
    All of these betting options can be used multiple times, simply press the same option again to use it twice or more.

Golden Odds Roulette has been created by SG Gaming for Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals. It has an RTP of 95.4% and can be found on the ‘featured games’ screen and the ‘casino’ screen of the betting terminals. The closest version of this game in Coral and Ladbrokes is Key Bet 500.

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