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Key Bet 500

  • A very popular bookies roulette game with odds of up to x500
  • 105 possible outcomes, with the bonus keys paying varying odds
  • It’s possible to win up to the £500 jackpot with just a £1 stake

Key Bet 500 is the latest high odds roulette game for the bookies betting terminals. Created by SG Gaming, Key Bet 500 pays up to 500/1 per spin with a minimum bet of £1.
Key Bet 500 is entirely random, and when the start/spin button is pressed, Key Bet 500 randomly selects a number from 1 to 105 (101 – 105 are the Key Bet positions). The ball will then rotate and finish on the outcome, with the results of the draw been shown as the ball comes to rest on the track. A successful outcome will pay odds of 100/1 for a standard number or from 60/1 up to 500/1 for a Key Bet 500 outcome.

How to Bet on Key Bet 500: Insert notes or coins, or use existing credit. Alternately money can be credited over the counter, this will also allow for stakes above £50 is required.
Select where you would like to place your chips using the on-screen table. You may bet on the standard roulette positions such as straight-up, corners and splits. You can change the increment value between high, medium and low using the ‘stake’ button located at the base of the screen. The minimum stakes on outside bets (such as red and black) is £1. The maximum stake on a Key Bet 500 position if £1.
The neighbours bets can be placed by pressing the ‘neighbours’ button. This will allow for easier betting as the betting grid is very large. The maximum that can be won on any single spin is £500. No bet can be accepted which would result in a payout above this limit. An on-screen message will notify you when this limit has been reached. You may place your bets without sufficient funds in the game, up to a maximum of £100, or £50 if certain criteria have not been met. An ‘insufficient funds’ message will notify you should your credit not be sufficient to cover the bet.

Key Bet 500 Betting

To help with the betting, the neighbours option allows you to select the amount of adjacent numbers by pressing the + or – button. As the maximum stake allowed on the Key Bet 500 position is £1, you will not be able to place neighbours bets beyond this amount on those sections of the roulette wheel.

Key Bet 500 pays 100/1 for a straight-up number, 49/1 for a split number, 24/1 for a corner, 9/1 for a row or column, 4/1 for a split column and even money for a red/black and odd/even bet. Key Bet pays the displayed Key Bet 500 prize. Stakes on the winning number are returned (i.e. 10p on number 1 will return £10.10), except on the Key Bet 500 prize, so the odds are very similar to 100/1 Roulette in William Hill.

Key Bet 500 also has a variety of betting options to allow you to cover the roulette table easier.

  • Lucky Number: Select a number on the table which is covered by a 20p chip. 10p chips are also placed on the 8 surrounding split bets on the same number (when available) to a total of £1.
  • Crossfire: Select a number on the table, and all numbers in a corresponding row and column are covered with 10p chips. The selected number is covered twice (20p) for a total cost of £2.
  • Corner to Corner: All numbers are covered corner to corner with 20p chips for a total bet cost of £4.
  • Scatter: Select a number and chips are randomly scattered on and around the selected number for a total cost of £5.
  • Key Bet Plus: All Key Bet 500 positions are covered with a £1 bet and will also place a £1 bet on a random side bet for a total bet cost of £6.
  • Lucky Dip: Chips are scattered randomly onto the table. This bet costs £10, however if available credit is less than £10, then the closest affordable amount will be offered to the nearest 10p.
    Some featured bets may be disabled under certain circumstances. Chip placement may also vary depending upon existing bets already placed.

Key Bet 500 has been created by SG Gaming and can be played in both Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops.


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