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Hot Shot Roulette

Hot Shot Roulette

Hot Shot Roulette is a bonus roulette game using principles similar to other FOBT roulette games in the bookies. At the start of each game a random number between 0 and 37 is drawn (37 been the Hot Shot Roulette number). The results of this draw will then be displayed via the animated spinning wheel, with any successful outcome multiplied by the customers’ stake.
The betting style and options are the same as other Coral and Ladbrokes roulette games, with neighbours betting and chip values allowing for the selection of high, medium and low.

Excluding the bonus, Hot Shot Roulette has an average payout percentage of at least 94.7%. The Hot Shot side bet has a return of at least 92% based on best strategy. The best strategy is to limit the side bet to £5 or less, and decline all offers within the Hot Shot Roulette game. If you do not follow this strategy, then the long term results will feature a lower return on your game.

Hot Shot Roulette pays 35/1 for a single number, 17/1 for a split 11/1 for a row of three numbers, 8/1 for a corner of four numbers, 5/1 for a row of six numbers, 2/1 for a dozen bet and even money for an outside red/black or odd/even bet.

Hot Shot Roulette Bonus Game

Place a bet on the Hot Shot Roulette position on the table. If the ball lands on that position on the roulette wheel, you’ll enter the Hot Shot Shootout feature. The higher the stake on the bonus position the higher the values in this feature. You may win up to 100x your stake during this bonus game.
At the beginning of the Hot Shot Shootout feature you will be asked to select five windows from the eighteen offered positions. The values hidden will then be eliminated from the prize board. You will then be made an offer based on the value of the remaining hidden prizes. If you choose to take the offer, the value will be paid and the feature will end. If you choose to continue, you will be asked to select a further five hidden values. The game will then make a further offer based on the remaining values, which again you may choose to accept or reject.
This process will continue for a further two rounds where you will be asked to remove three hidden values each round, until only two values remain. At the final two, you will be offered a value based on the two remaining boxes. Should you choose to reject the offer, you will be asked to remove one final box, with the last remaining value been your prize.

Hot Shot Roulette has been developed by SG Gaming and can be played in Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops.

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