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Riviera Roulette

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Riviera Roulette

  • The look and feel of a live roulette game, in the bookies
  • Four dealers to choose from, each with their own style
  • Switch between tables as each has their own number history

Riviera Roulette is a fixed odds betting terminal game currently in Coral betting shops, created by SG-Gaming under the Barcrest name badge. It’s style gives the feel of a live roulette game, however Riviera Roulette is a standard 36/1 European roulette with just a different type of animation that you would usually expect from most FOBT roulette games. When the game loads, Riviera Roulette greats you with four female roulette dealers (croupiers), with the choice of playing on either of the four wheels.
As this is a fixed odds betting terminal game, Riviera Roulette is not live roulette, so choosing any of the four wheels or dealers will not make a difference. The game does however show the past 11 spins from each of the four wheels, and although past results in no way determine future outcomes, whether on live roulette or fixed odds, it is easy to forget, and jump into a game where you feel your numbers might be ‘due’.


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Riviera Roulette Game Play

Playing Riviera Roulette is the same as any other fixed odds betting terminal roulette game, simply choose your chips and start spreading them around the table. The minimum and maximum betting limits apply in much the same way as the popular Super Gambler Roulette, with a minimum cost per spin of £1, and a maximum win per spin of £500. There is a neighbours betting wheel to make it easier to place your chips on certain areas of the wheel, or around your favourite numbers.
Once you are happy with your bets, press the spin button for the game to determine the outcome.

Riviera Roulette tries to pretend that it is a real live roulette game, so the dealers are all real actors, and the roulette wheel and spin are all real, rather then computer generated like most other bookies roulette games. Riviera Roulette is actually more of a throwback to one of the original Ladbrokes FOBT roulette games that appeared to show a real wheel. At the time the game was simply called ‘Roulette’ however, now there are so many different variations, the names too have become more specific.
As Riviera Roulette is not live, the actual wheel spin and dealer movements are pre-recorded clips. The number will still be drawn by an RNG (random number generator), this will then also show one of the two clips that correspond to that number. The outcome will then be overlaid on the betting table and will pay accordingly.

Riviera Roulette Tips

  • The game is random but not live
  • Although there are four tables to choose from, the selection will not make a difference to the game
  • The roulette spins and dealer movements are pre-recorded clips

Riviera Roulette allows for you to exit the table and play on another, so you will get a new dealer. This is just a gimmick of course, but is a nice little addition all the same.
Aside from the new animations and ‘live’ feel, Riviera Roulette is basically Original Roulette with a new skin. I assume it’s an attempt to claw back players who may have left the bookies and prefer live roulette online, which does actually use real live dealers in real-time. I’m not sure the popularity of this will be long term, but for a few spins it’s not too bad.

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