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Chase the Ace Roulette

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Chase the Ace Roulette

  • A bookies bonus roulette game with low odds compared to many of the latest FOBT games
  • Eliminate the values during the bonus in an attempt to Chase the Ace
  • Play in Ladbrokes or Coral betting shops, but not available online

Chase the Ace Roulette is Coral and Ladbrokes bonus roulette betting terminal game, with standard roulette odds plus a Chase the Ace Roulette bonus round with odds of up to X200.
Chase the Ace Roulette can be found on the ‘casino’ tab of the betting terminals, and accepts stakes from £1 per spin, up to £50 or £100 depending upon the betting limits set for your gaming session.

All standard roulette bets are accepted, so you may bet on splits, corners, streets and straight-ups. Outside bets are also playable, offering standard bookies roulette odds. The maximum bet per spin cannot result in a win of more than £500. This means that straight-up numbers have a maximum bet of a little below £14. The Bonus Chase the Ace Roulette position has a maximum bet of £10 per spin. As the maximum return is £500, 200 times your stake, higher stakes increase your odds, often resulting in bigger returns.


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Chase the Ace Roulette Gameplay

The minimum cost per game is £1, however most roulette machine players bet more than this due to the minimum value on the Chase the Ace Roulette slot been £1. You may change the value of the chips from low to medium to high. These options are available on the tabs at the base of the screen. As you are playing bonus roulette, you should always bet on the bonus position. For a better odds standard game, you could try Original Roulette.
The Chase the Ace Roulette bonus game has an RTP of 90.4%, however the standard roulette game has an RTP of 94.7%. When you are happy with all of your bets, press spin, the roulette game will then pick a random number between 0 and 37, 37 been the Chase the Ace bonus. The outcome of this random number is then displayed via the animation of the roulette game. The final resting position will be the outcome of the bet, with all standard roulette numbers paying accordingly. Should the ball land on the Chase the Ace bonus slot, providing at least a minimum bet has been placed, you’ll be taken to the Chase the Ace bonus game.
The higher the value of the stake placed on the bonus position, the higher the prizes available with fewer cards to choose from. At the start of the bonus, you will be dealt a number of cards face down. The number of cards depends on the amount placed on the Chase the Ace Roulette bonus position. Choose any one of the cards, and a prize will be paid determined by the rank of the card which will be displayed on the award card shown on screen. The ace of spades pays the maximum of X200 your stake, up to a maximum of £500. Once all prizes have been paid, you will be returned to the roulette base game, where you may repeat your bet, or adjust it accordingly.

Chase the Ace Roulette has been developed by SG Gaming for Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals.

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