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Cockroach Racing Betfred

Cockroach Racing Betfred

  • A totally unique roulette style game in Betfred and William Hill
  • Watch the cockroaches race towards the finish line
  • Worse odds than regular FOBT roulette, but very fun to play

Cockroach Racing Betfred is the fun little bookies game featuring racing cockroaches. Thirteen cockroaches race to the finish line in lanes numbered from 0 to 12 on a roulette coloured racing grid. Cockroach Racing Betfred is basically a mini roulette game, using bugs instead of a roulette wheel. Place your bets on any number from 0 to 12 to be paid odds of 11/1 for a straight-up number. You may also bet on splits and corners, columns of three and four numbers, and outside bets of red and black, with the odds paying accordingly.

Cockroach Racing Betfred is not the most popular of bookies roulette games, and as such is hidden away in the back menus of the betting terminals. Once the game loads up, you can play it in the usual roulette way, however due to the limited amount of numbers, the maximum stakes per number have changed from what you might expect. A straight-up number pays 11/1, so the maximum bet is £41, this can be doubled for splits. Outside red and black is slightly worse than 50/50 due to there been only 12 numbers and one zero, however the maximum bet here is either £50 or £100 depending on your settings. If you are going to just bet on red or black, stick to Original Roulette, for improved odds.

Cockroach Racing Betfred

The minimum bet per number is 20p, with a minimum bet per game of £1. Once all of your bets have been placed, press ‘bet’ for a random number to determine the outcome of the cockroach racing game. The bugs will race towards the finish line, with the first across the line been determined the winner, and all successful bets paying accordingly.
At the end of any winning game, you will be given the option to gamble your winnings up to a maximum of £500. You may recognise the gamble feature as it is very common amongst casino slots, and some bookies slots. A deck of cards will be displayed, simply choose either red or black to double your winnings, or the correct suit to multiply your winnings by four. The gamble is entirely random and has a long term RTP of 100%. You may gamble all or part of your winnings, or none at all. Once you have chosen your gamble option, hope for the best and press ‘bet’. The winning outcome and previous outcomes will be displayed in the bar at the bottom of the screen. A losing gamble will return you to the main Cockroach Racing game, a successful gamble will allow you to gamble again, up to the £500 maximum per game. You can collect or part-collect at any time prior to pressing the gamble button.

The bonus gamble has a long-term RTP of 100%, the main Cockroach Racing Betfred game has an RTP of 92.3%. There is even a real-world version of Cockroach Racing every year in Australia!

Cockroach Racing can be played in Betfred and William Hill betting shops under the ‘other games’ menu.

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