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Crown Jewels Roulette

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Crown Jewels Roulette

  • Win one of several progressive cashpots in the FOBT roulette game
  • Increase your stake to increase the odds of winning a higher valued cashpot
  • Similar to Keybet Roulette, with play available in either Coral or Ladbrokes

The latest progressive cashpot roulette game is Crown Jewels Roulette, played on both Coral and Ladbrokes fixed odds betting terminals for a maximum win of £500 in any spin.
Once the start button has been pressed, if a Crown Jewels Roulette bet has been placed a random position on the outer multiplier will be selected. If the selected position is an arrow, a random position on the inner wheel is then selected. A random position for the roulette wheel will then be selected and is indicated by the final resting place of the Crown Jewels Roulette ball. If a winning number has been selected, your stake will be multiplied by the odds detailed below. When a successful Crown Jewels Roulette selection has been made, one of many prizes will be paid as detailed further on.

Crown Jewels Roulette has an average payout percentage of 93.8% with all standard betting options available as detailed in the Original Roulette guide here. There are however a few differences; Crown Jewels Roulette has a minimum bet of £5 per spin, whereas most other bookies roulette games have a £1 minimum. This helps increase the progressive pot values and encourages further play and makes for a better game.
Crown Jewels Roulette pays standard betting terminal roulette odds, so you get 35/1 for a straight-up number, 18/1 for a split and even money for an outside red/black and odd/even bet. The other bets pay accordingly and can include streets, corners and dozens.


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Crown Jewels Roulette Bonus Game

If a bet of £1 minimum, up to a maximum of £10 is placed on the Crown Jewels position and the bet hits, either your bet will be multiplied by up to X50, or a Crown Jewels progressive pot will be paid.
Prior to each spin of the roulette wheel, the outer multiplier wheel will spin randomly to either an arrow, or a multiplier value. If the outer wheel stops on an arrow, the inner Jewel wheel will become active and randomly spin to one of the jewels in view. Unlike the main roulette table, the Crown Jewels Roulette bet is not returned.

There are four Crown Jewels Roulette progressive values, each represented by a corresponding coloured jewel. The larger your stake on the bonus position, the more jewels and arrows become active, however the game is entirely random and as such can land on any of the highlighted bonus positions.

Crown Jewels Roulette has been created by SG Gaming and can be played in both Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops on the fixed odds betting terminals.

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