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Oscar’s Grind Roulette System

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Oscar’s Grind Roulette System

Unlike most roulette systems, Oscar’s Grind (also known as Hoyle’s Press) shows its strength during streaks of wins or losses (strength during losses being the obvious attraction here). Because of this, it’s an appealing strategy to many, but like all systems it has its flaws.

Oscar’s Grind Roulette System is simple enough to understand, but it’s only when long streaks emerge does its potential shine.

The goal is to make a profit equal to the original starting bet, and then the session ends. So if the initial bet turns out lucky, the session is over. If the bet is lost, the next bet is equal to that bet, it does not change.

How the Oscar’s Grind Roulette System Works

When a winning bet comes up, add one unit to the next bet. The player should continue to do this until the profit is equal to the original starting bet. In certain cases, a smaller bet may be all that is needed to provide the player with a profit equal to the original bet; this is the only exception to the rule.

Let’s take a look at the following scenario.

Spin Bet Win/Lose Profit
1 1 Lose -1
2 1 Lose -2
3 1 Win -1
4 2 Lose -3
5 2 Lose -5
6 2 Lose -7
7 2 Win -5
8 3 Win -2
9 3 Win 1

With more losses than wins, the player still makes a profit.

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The Benefits of Oscar’s Grind Roulette System

Clearly being able to make a profit despite a greater number of losses than wins is big advantage of the system. In fact, with this system one can have a much greater number of losses to wins and sill come out with a profit – and the amount needed to place a bet is rarely too high. The strategy thrives on streaks, and that’s where the money is made.

The disadvantages

In the scenario above, wins/losses tend to be consecutive. If, however, a game tended to go from a loss to a win regularly (or vice versa), one may need a greater number of wins to losses, revealing a large flaw in the system.

Here is another example of such a case.

Spin Bet Win/Lose Profit
1 1 Lose -1
2 1 Lose -2
3 1 Win -1
4 2 Lose -3
5 2 Win -1
6 3 Lose -4
7 3 Win -7
8 4 Win -3
9 5 Lose -8
10 5 Win -3
11 4 Win -1

For some, this system is also too unrewarding. Sessions can become very long indeed, and to make a relatively small profit of just one unit may not be enough for some players.Also note that in this example, a smaller bet of just 4 units is made at the end of the round, as this is all that is needed to make a profit of 1 unit.


It’s certainly not a favourite roulette system of mine; it’s just not my style. But there are those who like it’s certain uniqueness with regards to winning and losing streaks and this may be a good system for you. Naturally, many players often become frustrated at long losing streaks, but this system relies on them which can be quite satisfying and certainly makes a change.

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