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World Cup Roulette

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World Cup Roulette

  • A fun bonus game with the chance of winning up to £500, even from a £1 bet
  • The base game plays very similar to the popular 20p Roulette, with the same spin animations
  • A £1 bonus chip is awarded for stakes of £50+, which allows for a maximum of £6 to be placed on the bonus

World Cup Roulette is the World Cup 2018 themed bookies roulette game from Inspired Gaming, currently available on the fixed odds betting terminals in William Hill and Betfred. Like all bookies roulette, World Cup Roulette is a B2 game with a maximum prize per spin of £500. The maximum bet per spin is £99, not the usual £100 due to a £1 bonus that is awarded for any stakes over £50. The bonus chip is automatically placed on the World Cup Roulette bonus position and is in addition to any bets that may already have been placed on that spot.

The football theme joins a small list of bonus roulette games that are starting to appear in the bookies in the run up to the World Cup, this includes SG Gaming’s Champions Roulette which can only be played in Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops.


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he game play on World Cup Roulette is simple and very similar to the popular FOBT roulette game 20p Roulette. You simply select your chips and place them across the roulette table on any numbers from 0 to 36, with a minimum bet per spin of £1, and a minimum chip value of 10p. What makes this fixed odds betting terminal game different from regular bookies roulette is the addition of a bonus position which is housed directly opposite the 0, nestled in-between the numbers 5 and 10. The minimum bet on the bonus is £1, up to £5. If you are betting at £50+ stakes, the bonus £1 chip will be placed in addition to any bet already on the World Cup Roulette bonus, taking the maximum possible stake on the bonus to £6.

World Cup Roulette Bonus Game

Like all bookies bonus roulette games, only play them if you are going to bet on the bonus, otherwise just stick to regular roulette which will have slightly better odds.

Providing you have placed a minimum of £1 on the World Cup Roulette bonus, if the ball lands in that slot the World Cup Bonus Game will be awarded.
You will be presented with a number of betting positions, each of which represents a win or a lose. The positions take the form of corners in a goal; top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right. You must select your token value and spread 500 tokens across the different betting positions. You may spread your tokens across any number of available betting positions, but you must use them all in each round. Once you are happy with your bet, press the start button to be shown the outcome. Any tokens on the winning position will be carried over to the next round. Think of this as the bookies version of the TV show Million Pound Drop.

The number of winning token positions is dependent on how much was originally staked at the start of the bonus. The higher the stake, the more chances of winning. If you make it through all three rounds, all tokens will be exchanged for cash, with 1 token equal to £1. Each round also awards bonus tokens on completion, and various winning outcomes, the number of which increases depending on how much the original starting stake on the bonus was:

  • £1 on bonus: One winning position in the first, second and third rounds, plus 5 bonus tokens.
  • £2 on bonus: Two winning positions on the first round, and one on the second and third round with 10 bonus tokens.
  • £3 on bonus: Three winning positions on the first round, and one on the second and third with 15 bonus tokens.
  • £4 on bonus: The £4, £5 and £6 stake only has two rounds. Two winning positions on the first round and one on the second, with 20 bonus tokens.
  • £5 on bonus: Two winning positions on the first round and one on the second, with 25 bonus tokens.
  • £6 on bonus: Three winning positions on the first round, and one on the second with 30 bonus tokens.

As you can see, there is little difference between the £4 and £5 bet, so you are better off playing either £4 (or less) on the bonus, or going for the £6 and ignoring the £5 altogether.

Aside from the bonus position, World Cup Roulette offers the standard betting options found on most bookies roulette games. These include; neighbours bets, scatter bet, lucky dip, all in, perfect bet, double up, double up again (add again), last 10, double up neighbours bets and a unique one; World Cup 500 Bet. The last one will place £10 worth of chips in the shape of a ‘500’ on the betting table.

World Cup Roulette isn’t particularly unique, it is very similar to Big 500 Roulette, however it does have a more modern theme. The bonus is fun but I can’t see it lasting much beyond the World Cup itself.

World Cup Roulette Game Play

I’ve always struggled to get anywhere on World Cup Roulette, and even though it is basically just 20p Roulette with an additional bonus, I’ve played this fixed odds betting terminal game multiple times and have never managed to hit the bonus game. This time however I decided to give it a long playing session to see what this FOBT roulette game could do.
The video above is the complete session, which was filmed in a William Hill betting shop. It took a long time to get anywhere, and as bookies roulette (and roulette in general) is extremely volatile, I was up and down multiple times. It took 25 minutes of play, with stakes at around £50 for the most part until the bonus hit. As with most roulette games by Inspired Gaming, the ball in World Cup Roulette stops pretty much opposite to where it starts, but as there is an extra position on this (the bonus slot), it was moving forward about one position from what I’m generally used to seeing. Starting at the line between 32 and 0 should see it land on the bonus, and sure enough, it eventually hit!

I had £3 on the World Cup Roulette bonus, for this you get three winning positions on the first round, and one on the second and third with 15 bonus tokens. The tokens are the equivalent to £1 each, so any amount at the end is converted to pounds and paid as the final prize. Although the bonus is a little like the Million Pound Drop, it’s slightly more confusing as the player kicks the ball several times during each round.
I managed carry over 250 chips from the first round, carrying over the 250 through to the final round until the final goal kick. Although only one position can win out of the two possible outcomes, World Cup Roulette does allow you to bet on both sides. As I had 250 tokens, I could have split it 125 equally, and guaranteed that as the minimum prize. However, as I’m a gambler, I placed 200 on the left and 50 on the right. The player kicked the ball..straight into the right hand side! This gave me 50 tokens with a 15 token bonus, converted to £65 cash and returning me to the regular roulette game.

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