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Top Dollar Roulette

Top Dollar Roulette

  • A FOBT bonus taken from a traditional US slot machine
  • Increase your stake on the bonus for a higher chance of a bigger prize
  • Play this bonus roulette game in Ladbrokes

Top Dollar Roulette uses the now very familiar FOBT style bonus roulette layout to combine standard European bookies roulette with an additional bonus side game with enhanced odds of up to 100x your stake. Top Dollar is an old style slot machine; very popular in the United States, it came over to UK bookies as a £500 jackpot game in 2007. It had a short life as a British slot machine before being discontinued and replaced by far more entertaining slots such as the ever popular Rainbow Riches, so it is a surprise that Barcrest have relaunched the bonus game and combined it with roulette.

Aside from the bonus, the regular game of roulette takes place with each bet. Straight-up numbers pay the usual FOBT roulette odds of 37/1, with splits, corners etc. paying 17/1 and 8/1 respectively. Top Dollar Roulette uses increasingly common betting options to make laying your bets quicker and easier, with Lucky Number, Top Five Bet, Scatter, Top Dollar Scatter and Lucky Dip all offering various ways to lay your chips in addition to the usual method of touching the screen.

Top Dollar Roulette Bonus Game

Top Dollar Roulette does away with the slot machine aspects of the original game and instead solely relies on the bonus to draw players in. Activating the bonus is simple enough, with a 37/1 chance of activating the game via the main roulette wheel, nestled in the usual place between the numbers 5 and 10. As with all bookies roulette games, Top Dollar Roulette is entirely random, with each position on the wheel assigned a number which is then generated by an independently tested RNG. The bonus position has been assigned the number 37, so should the RNG randomly select this, the outcome is displayed on the animated roulette wheel. You can bet from £1 up to a maximum of £10 on the bonus, with a maximum prize of 100 times your stake or £500. The larger your stake, the larger the potential prize.
With those of you not familiar with the Top Dollar bonus, a maximum of four awards are made on a series of cash values displayed on the gaming screen. You can accept or reject each offer in the hope of increasing it on your next turn. On the fourth offer, the prize is automatically collected, you are then returned to the original Top Dollar Roulette screen.

The additional betting options on Top Dollar Roulette are:

  • Lucky Number: The player selects a number on the table which is covered with a 20p chip. 10p chips are also placed on the eight surrounding split bets on the same number to a total of £1.
  • Top Five Bet: A £1 chip is placed on the Top Dollar position, in addition the last five numbers on the history display will be covered with 20p chips.
  • Scatter: The player selects a number and chips are randomly scattered around that number for a total of £5.
  • Top Dollar Scatter: Select a number and chips are scattered on and around that number as above, in addition a £1 chip is placed on the Top Dollar Roulette bonus position.
  • Lucky Dip: Chips are scattered randomly on the table. If the player’s available credit is less than £10, then the closest affordable amount will be offered up to the nearest 5p.

Top Dollar Roulette is a fairly standard bonus roulette game, it does offer a fun bonus but I doubt it will have the staying power of bonus roulette games such as Key Bet Roulette. Top Dollar Roulette is currently available in Ladbrokes.

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